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Where security researchers go to hone their skills and get paid doing what they love. We are not just a bug bounty program, but a tightly knit community of security professionals. Join the right-sized crowd for civilized hacking.

Synack supports Veterans! Learn about our Veterans Day hacking to support the Bob Woodruff Foundation
Recognizing researchers that produce exceptional work for our customers
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What's It Like

Join the Synack Red Team (SRT) and do good while you hack, earn, and learn
Unique Hacking Rules
Initial Launch Period—no racing to submit. Hack via LaunchPoint— the MitM that protects you. One bounty price list — hack all the things for the known payouts

Triage by Synack

Vuln Ops — One Team to Triage them All! No need for you to scout companies for their triage patterns
We Pay the Bounties
Synack Pays the Bounties, not the Customers. Fair, fast payments with no empty Bounty Pools. Get Paid for Checklists
Hacking for Synack
Vulnerabilities earn big payments, and checklist work earns predictable hourly income through Missions. Safely hack with top legal protection

The Synack Platform

اسلاید قبلی
اسلاید بعدی

Dedicated Cloud Workspace

Synack’s optional LaunchPoint+ (LP+) workspaces provide a cloud VM of Windows/Linux to test from, giving access to more targets

Regular Income and Predictable Payments

Regular Income and Predictable Payments Hunt for big payments or lots of small ones in any time you have to spare. Or even full-time. Multiple SRT members have made over $1,000,000. Our single team of professional report triagers — pay fair, fast and consistent

Get Help Hacking

The Synack Red Team is a Community. You will get guidance and feedback through your reports, peers, and event invitations with the rest of the best

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