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سمینار Cisco Live که به صورت سالیانه در شهر های مختلف جهان جهت تبادل و ارتقاء دانش به صورت آنلاین (ویدئو کنفرانس) بین هزاران نفر از متخصصان IT سیسکو ، در زمینه یادگیری در مورد آخرین پیشرفت های فن آوری سیسکو، محصولات، راه حل ها و خدمات و … این شرکت بزرگ می باشد، برگزار میشود.
امسال نیز این سمینار در شهر Orlando برگزار شد که در خصوص آخرین موضوعات و فناوری های IT و شبکه بحث و تبادل نظر می شود.

BRKACI-1001 – Your first 7 days of ACI
BRKACI-1002 – ACI for Network Engineers
BRKACI-2000 – Introduction to ACI
BRKACI-2001 – Integration and Interoperation of Existing Nexus Networks into an ACI Architecture
BRKACI-2004 – How to setup an ACI fabric from scratch
BRKACI-2102 – ACI Troubleshooting
BRKACI-2300 – ACI for VMware Admins
BRKACI-3101 – ACI Under the Hood – How Your Configuration is Deployed
BRKACI-3545 – Mastering ACI Forwarding Behavior – A day in the life of packet
BRKARC-1001 – An Introduction to (Network Convergence System) NCS42xx Devices
BRKARC-1927 – Introduction to the NCS5000 routing platform
BRKARC-2001 – Cisco ASR1000 Routers Architectural Overview and Use Cases
BRKARC-2003 – Cisco ASR 9000 Architecture
BRKARC-2004 – Evolved IOS XE
BRKARC-2007 – Cisco Catalyst 9500 Switch Architectures
BRKARC-2013 – ASR1009-X and ASR1006-X Product portfolio and Device Architecture
BRKARC-2017 – Packet Journey inside ASR 9000
BRKARC-2022 – Introduction to High Performance Network Convergence System Routers (NCS6008 and NCS5500)
BRKARC-2023 – Building Hybrid Clouds in AWS with the CSR 1000v
BRKARC-2035 – Catalyst 9000 Switch Family – An Architectural View
BRKARC-2749 – Extending Enterprise Network into Public Cloud with Cisco CSR1000v
BRKARC-3000 – NCS5500 Deepdive in the Merchant Silicon High-end SP Routers
BRKARC-3146 – Troubleshooting Catalyst 3650 3850 Series Switches
BRKARC-3147 – Advanced troubleshooting of the ASR1K and ISR (IOS-XE)
BRKARC-3190 – Troubleshooting Catalyst 3650, 3850 and 9000 Series Switches
BRKARC-3222 – Cisco Nexus 9000 Architecture
BRKARC-3438 – Cisco Catalyst 3850 and 3650 Series Switching Architecture
BRKARC-3470 – Cisco Nexus 7000 7700 Switch Architecture
BRKARC-3863 – Catalyst 9300 Switching Architecture
BRKARC-3873 – Cisco Catalyst 9400 Switch Architecture
BRKCCIE-3000 – BGP is your Friend – BGP for the CCIE Candidates
BRKCCIE-3001 – Quality of Service (QoS) for CCIE Collaboration Candidates
BRKCCIE-3004 – A CCIE’s Introduction to MPLS Networks
BRKCCIE-3201 – FirePower Threat Defense for CCIE Candidates
BRKCCIE-3222 – Identity Management and Access Control for CCIE Candidates
BRKCCIE-3352 – The Next Generation CCIE
BRKCCIE-3645 – ACI for CCIE Data Center Candidates
BRKCOC-2018 – Inside Cisco IT How Cisco Deployed ISE and Group Based Policies throughout the Enterprise
BRKCRS-2103 – Integrating the Meraki SDWAN Solution with the traditional Enterprise network
BRKCRS-2501 – Campus QoS Design-Simplified
BRKCRS-2650 – Enterprise Network Next Generation High Availability
BRKCRS-2811 – Cisco SD-Access – Connecting the Fabric to External Networks
BRKCRS-2812 – Cisco SD-Access – Integrating with Your Existing Network
BRKCRS-2816 – Cisco SD-Access – Building the Routed Underlay
BRKCRS-3447 – Network Function Virtualization for Enterprise Networks
BRKCRT-1100 – CCNA Wireless, master the 802.11 protocols!
BRKCRT-2100 – CCNP Wireless – Candidates Choice
BRKCRT-2601 – VRF, MPLS and MPBGP Fundamentals
BRKDCN-2035 – VXLAN BGP EVPN based Multi-Site
BRKDCN-2050 – Automated Networks with Segment Routing in the Datacenter
BRKDCN-2099 – Multicast Deployment and Troubleshooting in Datacenter environment
BRKDCN-2125 – Overlay Management and Visibility with VXLAN
BRKDCN-2304 – L4-L7 Service Integration in Multi-Tenant VXLAN EVPN Data Center Fabrics
BRKDCN-2378 – VPC Best Practices and Design on NX OS
BRKDCN-2458 – Nexus 9000-7000-6000-5000 Operations and Maintenance Best Practices
BRKDCN-2489 – Cisco SD-Access – Integration with Data Center Architectures
BRKDCN-2601 – VMware Networking for Cisco Networkers
BRKDCN-2931 – OTV An operational and troubleshooting perspective
BRKDCN-3020 – Advanced Visibility and Monitoring in Nexus 3000-9000 Switches
BRKDCN-3040 – Troubleshooting VxLAN BGP EVPN
BRKDCN-3234 – Advanced Troubleshooting Cisco 7000 Series
BRKDCN-3346 – End-to-End QoS Implementation and Operation with Cisco Nexus Switches
BRKDCN-3378 – Building DataCenter Networks with VXLAN BGP EVPN
BRKDCT-2048 – Deploying Virtual Port Channel (vPC) in NXOS
BRKDCT-2081 – Cisco FabricPath Technology and Design
BRKDCT-2949 – Building DataCenter networks with VXLAN BGP-EVPN – Part I
BRKDCT-3313 – FabricPath Operation and Troubleshooting
BRKDCT-3378 – Building DataCenter networks with VXLAN BGP-EVPN – Part II
BRKDCT-3640 – Nexus 9000 Architecture
BRKEWN-2016 – Branch Office Wireless LAN Design
BRKEWN-2021 – How to setup an SD-Access fabric from scratch
BRKEWN-3011 – Advanced Troubleshooting of Wireless LANs
BRKINI-2764 – Troubleshooting Cisco UCS Ethernet Networking
BRKIOT-2113 – Internet of Things for the Enterprise
BRKIPM-1261 – Introduction and Troubleshooting IP Multicast
BRKIPM-1261 – Introduction to IP Multicast
BRKIPM-2249 – Multicast and Segment Routing
BRKIPM-2264 – Multicast Troubleshooting
BRKIPM-3017 – mVPN Deployment Models
BRKMPL-1100 – Introduction to MPLS
BRKMPL-2100 – Deploying TE in MPLS and Segment Routing Backbones
BRKMPL-2102 – Designing MPLS-based IP VPNs
BRKMPL-2110 – Enterprise MPLS – Customer Case Studies
BRKMPL-2112 – MPLS WAN Backbone Solutions and Design for Enterprise and SP
BRKMPL-2114 – Integrating Campus or DC fabrics with MPLS
BRKMPL-2115 – MPLS Architectural approaches for Data Center and Cloud
BRKMPL-3333 – EVPN Network Virtualization Solution for Next Generation Enterprise DCs, DC Interconnections, and SPDCs
BRKNMS-1882 – Beginning your journey to Network Automation
BRKNMS-3021 – Advanced Cisco IOS Device Instrumentation
BRKRST-2042 – Highly Available Wide Area Network Design
BRKRST-2092 – Introduction to Next-Gen SD-WAN (Viptela) Architecture
BRKRST-2093 – Next-Gen SD-WAN (Viptela) Deployment, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting
BRKRST-2124 – Introduction to Segment Routing
BRKRST-2301 – Intermediate – Enterprise IPv6 Deployment
BRKRST-2331 – Troubleshooting EIGRP Networks
BRKRST-2337 – OSPF Deployment in Modern Networks
BRKRST-2501 – Enterprise QoS Design 5
BRKRST-2515 – QoS Design and Deployment for Wireless LANs
BRKRST-2619 – IPv6 Deployment Developing an IPv6 Addressing Plan and Deploying IPv6
BRKRST-2619 – Troubleshooting OSPF, EIGRP and BGP Routing Protocols
BRKRST-3020 – IP LFA (Loop-Free-Alternate) Architecture and Troubleshooting
BRKRST-3302 – Troubleshooting IS-IS
BRKRST-3310 – Troubleshooting OSPF
BRKRST-3320 – Troubleshooting BGP
BRKSEC-2020 – Firepower NGFW Deployment in the Data Center and Enterprise Network Edge using FTD
BRKSEC-2050 – Firepower NGFW Internet Edge Deployment Scenarios
BRKSEC-2066 – Optimizing Your FirepowerFTD Deployment
BRKSEC-2881 – Designing Remote-Access and Site-to-Site IPSec networks with FlexVPN –
BRKSEC-3020 – Troubleshooting ASA Firewalls
BRKSEC-3035 – Firepower Platform Deep Dive
BRKSEC-3052 – Demystifying DMVPN
BRKSEC-3054 – IOS FlexVPN Remote Access, IoT and Site-to-Site advanced Crypto VPN Designs
BRKSEC-3699 – Designing ISE for Scale & High Availability
BRKSPG-2069 – Introduction to the Next Generation IOS-XR architecture
BRKSPG-2202 – Deploying Carrier Ethernet Services on ASR 9000
BRKSPG-2202 – Deploying Cisco Metro Fabric with Ethernet VPN (EVPN)
BRKSPG-2404 – IOS-XR Platforms System and Hardware Architectures
BRKSPG-2509 – BGP-EVPN and SR Fabric – Addressing the evolving Data Center requirements
BRKSPG-2535 – Next Generation SP Network Architectures A Practical Path to Network Transformation
BRKSPG-2724 – Network Function Virtualization (NFV) using IOS-XR
BRKSPG-2904 – ASR-9000 IOS-XR Understanding forwarding, troubleshooting
BRKSPG-2904 – ASR-9000IOS-XR Understanding forwarding, troubleshooting the system and XR operations
BRKUCC-2008 – Enterprise Dial Plan Fundamentals
CTHGEN-1002 – Accelerate your TAC case resolution
DEVNET-1120 – An Open Source Traffic Generator
DEVNET-1725 – How to Be a Network Engineer in a Programmable Age
DEVNET-1775 – Introduction to OpenConfig
DEVNET-1797 – Introduction to Automating ACI with Ansible
DEVNET-2893 – Coding 1002 – Getting Started with Python
FLPDCN-3378 – Building DataCenter networks with VXLAN BGP EVPN
FLPRST-2116 – Intermediate – IPv6 The Protocol, A Technical Talk
FLPSPG-2602 – IPv4 Exhaustion NAT and Transition to IPv6 for Service Providers
PSOCRS-1105 – High Density, High Capacity Network Design with Cisco Meraki Wireless
PSOSEC-1104 – Can your firewall do that – The value of a Cisco Next-Generation Firewall
PSOSPG-2005 – Service Provider Infrastructure – Next Generation Building Blocks
PSOSPG-2012 – Cisco Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI)
SOLGEN-1009 – Cisco Live! Network Topology
SOLRST-2006 – A Brief Introduction to SD-WAN
SOLSPG-1002 – ASR9901 Router Powered by 64-bit IOS-XR
SOLSPG-1002 – Compact and Powerful – ASR9901 Router Powered by 64-bit IOS-XR

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علیرضا خبیر
مشاور و مدرس تست نفوذ و امنیت شبکه‌های اداری و صنعتی
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بخش آموزش های سایت

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کانال تلگرام ما
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کانال تلگرام ما
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